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Currently, erectile dysfunction to describe the term "erectile dysfunction" instead of the outdated "impotence", sialis price which has negative health and social connotation. Erectile dysfunction, according to a contemporary definition - is the inability to maintain an adequate penile erection, necessary for full sexual intercourse that restricts or makes it impossible to satisfy the sexual intercourse. According to a study MMAS (Massachusetts Mate Aging Study - Massachusetts study on issues of aging men) to 50% of men over age 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction of varying severity, and age their number increases significantly and reaches 67% in 70 years. Age is not a direct risk factor for the development and background of various somatic diseases, reduction of testosterone, which has a negative effect on sexual function and increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological disorders (depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, specific psychotic disorder, "the fear of impotence," koitofobiya et al.) Are often the cause of erectile dysfunction. Severe endogenous depression is almost always accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Proven risk factors for erectile dysfunction (MMAS, 2055) Organic causes of erectile dysfunction: endocrine disorders, sialis price vascular lesions (arterial insufficiency of the penis, disorder of the venous outflow of the penis), organic changes of the penis, a neurological disorder, medication-induced erectile dysfunction. The initial phase of the diagnosis: collect complaints and anameneza, on the IIEF questionnaire -5, physical examination, urological status, with the exception of hypogonadism as a cause of erectile dysfunction, neurological examination (bulbokavernozny, cremasteric, anal, abdominal reflexes, determination of the temperature sensitivity of the penis), lipid profile blood levels of total testosterone, LH, prolactin, TSH, SHBG.

Progress in the treatment of disorders of erectile dysfunction, which is observed at the moment, in fact, really is a revolution in modern pharmacology. Today, up to 90% of cases of erectile dysfunction is treatable drugs. The cialis dosage work showed the leading role of androgens in maintaining normal structure and function of the endothelium corpus cavernosum, led to the consideration of erectile dysfunction from the standpoint of endothelial failure, the treatment to be carried out for a long time and gradually, as the treatment of any other chronic disease, which has a tendency to progression. Cialis online treatment now more is pathogenic in nature. For first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment today are inhibitors of PDE - 5. The second line - intracavernosal and intraurethral therapy with vasoactive drugs (shown with no effect on Cialis online). third-line therapy - surgery.

The last phase of the solution of sexual problems Cialis vs Viagra, the patient may be offered a penile prosthesis implantation. A highly professional team of doctors Department of Urology Medical On Group makes every effort to fully preserve and restore the health of our patients. We are proud cialis dosage that we can help 98 men out of 100 who applied. Quick and sialis price painless. Unique technology, designed combined techniques and great experience - this is the secret of success of urology department.